Ekaterina, Alexander and Konstantin were born in Sofia, in the family of the eminent choir-master (conductor) and composer Alexander P. Wladigeroff (1933-1993) and his wife – the actress Velichka Chobanova - Wladigerova. Their first steps in music were under the direct leadership of their father and under the influence of the artistic spirit of Wladigeroffs’ home. All three of them graduated National School of Music – Lubomir Pipkov, then National Academy of Music – Pancho Wledigeroff in Sofia, as well as The University of Music and Stage Art in Vienna. More than ten years now they live and work in Vienna, and strike out a line of their own professional path.  Their projects have for an object to present the tradition in music in Wladigeroff Family and its development in three generations. Together with the classic works written from their genius grandfather, professor Pancho Wladigeroff (1899-1978), their playlist includes compositions from his Berlin's period, which are considered to be for one of the first Jazz works in Bulgarian music. The Wladigeroff Trio use the composers’ original arrangements, when there are no such arrangements found – transcriptions from their father-Alexander P. Wladigeroff , or even such made from themselves.  For the common things and the differences between the Master and his grandchildren, let debate the audience. There is one thing that you may be sure of – the natural inspiration from the wealth of Bulgarian folklore.  2004/2005 released "Firs Opuses" CD - dedicated to their father Alexander. P. Wladigeroff.


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